Cranberry Rice Dumplings

Cranberry Rice Dumplings

by Zimo (Little Grassroots Family Food)

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Cranberry can improve the body's "natural antibiotics" and can effectively reduce the incidence of gastric cancer. It is rich in nutrients that can lower blood vessels, and can effectively reduce high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia to protect blood vessels. Containing "bioflavonoids", flavonoids can effectively prevent aging, which is the gospel of loving beauty, and cranberry can also effectively prevent the breeding of Alzheimer's symptoms. Cranberry is rich in "vitamin C", which provides necessary nutrients to the skin, has the effect of beautifying and nourishing the skin, and can maintain the youthful vitality of human cells. In recent days, the northeast has continued to cool down, with rainy days, and there is no indoor heating. After a day of work, when I get home, I drink a bowl of hot cranberry wine stuffed glutinous rice dumpling dessert soup, and the blood circulation is smooth all over the body. That is the three words "warm, sweet, cool" and take a look:

Cranberry Rice Dumplings

1. Prepare all ingredients.

Cranberry Rice Dumplings recipe

2. Boil an appropriate amount of water in a pot, add small glutinous rice balls when the water is boiled, and cook until it is 80% cooked and change color.

Cranberry Rice Dumplings recipe

3. Add sweet fermented rice.

Cranberry Rice Dumplings recipe

4. Continue to cook the glutinous rice balls.

Cranberry Rice Dumplings recipe

5. Add dried cranberries and mix well.

Cranberry Rice Dumplings recipe

6. Turn off the heat and remove it.

Cranberry Rice Dumplings recipe


Tips: You can also add some rock sugar or egg flowers in an appropriate amount. Sweet rice wine (ready-made in supermarkets, also called sweet rice wine)


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