Old French Fried Tofu

Old French Fried Tofu

by Eight feet canteen

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I recently read Zuo Zhuang’s "A Handful of Salt". The author repeatedly mentioned in the book that a good chef should not just blindly pursue the frightening taste and style, but should strive to make every ingredient highlight the original taste of the food, so some When I saw a lot of exaggerated molecular cuisine and Fusion dishes, it would be better to look through the various recipes written by the ancestors. In the era when "not eating from time to time, harmony between man and nature", food tends to be closer to its original appearance. And taste. The ancient method of fried tofu I will introduce today is from the book "The Secret of Food Constitution" compiled by Zhu Yizun. The method is not complicated and the ingredients are also readily available, but it has an unexpected good taste. It can be described as simple and beautiful.


Old French Fried Tofu

1. Cut the northern tofu into pieces and use a kitchen paper towel to soak up the surface moisture

Old French Fried Tofu recipe

2. Add a little water to boil the dried shrimps and let cool

Old French Fried Tofu recipe

3. Drain the cooked shrimp water to remove the shrimp, leaving only the soup, then add 3 spoons of fermented rice and 2 spoons of light soy sauce, mix well

Old French Fried Tofu recipe

4. Take a frying pan, pour a little more oil, and heat it over high heat

Old French Fried Tofu recipe

5. Heat until it is just smoking, add northern tofu and fry

Old French Fried Tofu recipe

6. After frying on one side until browned, carefully turn over with a spatula to continue frying. When the tofu is browned on all sides, pour out the oil in the pan

Old French Fried Tofu recipe

7. Then while the pot and tofu are still hot, pour the previously adjusted sauce on the tofu. The tofu will absorb the sauce. At this time, sprinkle with chopped green onion and you can get out of the pot.

Old French Fried Tofu recipe


Before frying the tofu, be sure to absorb the moisture on the surface, remember to remember.


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