Rice Cake

Rice Cake

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Summer is the season for women to fight for beauty. Women of good figure look beautiful in everything. So all the women are busy losing weight, but they obviously eat the same amount and exercise the same amount. Why some people just can’t lose weight. Well, every day, young ladies who dare not eat, those who dare not eat, and still can’t lose weight, it’s necessary to spend a few minutes to finish this article. I will teach you to make a beauty cake and eat more during the dog days, not just buckets. The waist became smaller, and his complexion became ruddy, and his blood became better and better!
If you eat less and move more, you can't lose weight. It must be a problem with the spleen and stomach. The spleen controls our muscles. The nutrition of the whole body muscles depends on the spleen for transportation and metaplasia. Dieting desperately to lose weight causes damage to the spleen and stomach, growth of cellulite, and body deformation. "The spleen and stomach are weak and all diseases are born." At this time, it will also cause symptoms such as insufficient blood and blood, chlorosis, lack of energy, cold hands and feet, and this is also the case. Many women who lose weight look bad and fail to lose weight. Summer is the best season to nourish the spleen. From now on, eat more foods that invigorate the spleen and yang, get more sun, and get up early to let the yang get loose. , Keep a happy mood, be open-minded, etc., these are very good ways to replenish yang.

Today, I will bring you a spleen-tonifying diet. The steaming method is particularly good for nourishing the spleen. The elderly and children can continue to eat it. When the spleen and stomach are better, all diseases are eliminated, and the body is getting better.

This delicacy is steamed. Steamed dishes tend to be lighter with less oil and less nutrient loss of ingredients. They are very suitable for eating during weight loss. Rice cakes can improve anemia, enhance immunity, and balance nutrient absorption. It is especially suitable for people with chlorosis, not ruddy, and cold hands and feet.

In order to obtain better flavor and efficacy, fermented rice is specially added, which not only promotes fermentation, makes the rice cakes softer, but also enhances the effect of nourishing blood.

The fermented food itself also contributes to the health of the intestines and stomach, coupled with the spleen-strengthening ingredients, this cake not only enjoys the deliciousness, but also has a particularly good spleen-strengthening effect.

It is very simple to make. It can be used as a child’s usual snack or as breakfast. If it is too late in the morning, you can steam it the night before and re-steam it in the morning.


Rice Cake

1. The ingredients are ready.

Rice Cake recipe

2. Pour the rice noodles and the sweet rice noodles together, add 40 ml of water and stir well, press lightly with a spoon. The sweet rice noodles are cooked and easily become a paste. Then put 4 grams of yeast and 30 grams of sugar into the paste and stir. Evenly, cover with plastic wrap and ferment for one hour.

Rice Cake recipe

3. After the fermentation is complete, stir the rice paste with chopsticks to expel the gas inside.

Rice Cake recipe

4. Sprinkle chopped dried cranberries on the top. Dried cranberries can also be replaced with raisins, sesame seeds, etc., according to your preference.

Rice Cake recipe

5. Put the prepared rice cake paste on the steamer and steam it on high heat for 10 minutes, then turn to medium heat and continue steaming for 20 minutes.

Rice Cake recipe

6. The steamed rice cake swells slightly, exuding the aroma of sweet wine and dried fruit. It is soft, sweet, and has a delicate taste that is easy to digest.

Rice Cake recipe


The ratio of rice noodles to sweet wine and water is 2;1;1. The sweet wine is sweeter, so reduce the amount of sugar.
The fermented rice paste must be fully stirred to discharge the gas inside, so that there will be no big bubbles after steaming, and the texture is particularly surface. The cranberries on the surface can be replaced with dried fruits or raisins, sesame seeds, etc., which can play a decorative role as well as increase nutrition.


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