Cress and Meat Dumplings

Cress and Meat Dumplings

by Paige

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I don’t particularly like noodles, but dumplings and mullet cakes are the only ones that are not greasy to eat. I can’t forget this dish of water celery and meat dumplings once.


Cress and Meat Dumplings

1. Wash the water celery. Be sure to open it and wash it. After washing it, soak it for a while and drain it.

Cress and Meat Dumplings recipe

2. After chopped, add appropriate amount of cooking oil, salt, and a small piece of ginger when chopping the meat to enhance the fresh flavor

Cress and Meat Dumplings recipe

3. Start package

Cress and Meat Dumplings recipe

4. wrap up

Cress and Meat Dumplings recipe

5. Put the dumplings after the water is boiled, pour in the right amount of cold water after the water is boiled, and repeat this twice until the water is boiling

Cress and Meat Dumplings recipe

6. Finished product

Cress and Meat Dumplings recipe


1. Dumplings should not be cooked for too long, they will be rotten and tasteless after a long time
2. If you are not sure about the saltiness, you can cook a small piece of meat separately to try
3. Generally, dumplings filled with vegetables are especially like cabbage. The recommended dishes for leeks are more meat and less meat. If there is too much meat, the taste of the dish will become meat dumplings.
4. People who are not particularly difficult to digest are recommended to eat less or not to eat at night


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