Cumin Bone

Cumin Bone

by Luyao 20082008

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How can I say that maternal love is great? In order to please my son, I got up at 5:30 in the morning and went to the food market five times before buying these two pieces of brittle bones. It’s really not easy. Such brittle bones are usually It is rare to make reservations for the barbecue restaurant. When I was making it, I was waiting for more sorrowful things. In order to cut this brittle bone, I specially sharpened the knife, but when I sharpened it, I grind it on my hand. A big piece of flesh was cut on my thumb, and the blood flowed, it hurts. She almost shed tears on the spot, and there is no hemostatic ointment at home. It took five or six minutes to press a cotton ball to stop the blood, apply some disinfectant, and continue fighting.


Cumin Bone

1. Soak the brittle bones in water for half an hour

Cumin Bone recipe

2. Then cut into small strips

Cumin Bone recipe

3. Prepare a pot of hot water, pour the crispy bones, and add an appropriate amount of cooking wine

Cumin Bone recipe

4. Boil for about three to five minutes, remove and drain the water

Cumin Bone recipe

5. Put the crispy bones in a bowl, add oyster sauce and honey, mix well and marinate for about two hours

Cumin Bone recipe

6. Put aluminum paper on the baking tray and string the crispy bones

Cumin Bone recipe

7. Sprinkle with cumin powder

Cumin Bone recipe

8. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, bake for about five minutes and take it out

Cumin Bone recipe

9. Turn it over and sprinkle some cumin powder

Cumin Bone recipe

10. Bake for another five minutes or so

Cumin Bone recipe


Note: Generally, it is grilled directly after cutting it in outside barbecue shops. I am afraid that it will be easy to bake, so it has been boiled in water. It turns out that it can be grilled without cooking.


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