Cumin recipes

Grilled Chicken Skewers with Seasonal Vegetables and Cumin

Chicken Breast, Black And White Sesame, Cumin

Tartary Buckwheat Vegetable Cake

Wheat Flour, Tartary Buckwheat Flour, Egg

Griddle Shrimp

Shrimp, Lotus Root, Vegetable Oil

Lamb Chops Braised Rice

Lamb Chops, Salt, Pepper

Lamb Braised Rice

Rice, Leg Of Lamb, Carrot

Lamb Braised Rice

Rice, Leg Of Lamb, Carrot

Cumin Salt and Pepper Baby Potatoes

Potato, Cumin, Salt And Pepper

Roasted Kidney

Pork Loin, Scallions, Ginger

Braised Lamb with Radish

Lamb, White Radish, Shallot

Cumin Roasted Wings

Chicken Wings, Salt, Cumin

Toothpick Octopus

Hairtail, Oil, Minced Meat Sauce

Griddle Duck Head

Duck Head, Cooking Oil, Dried Chili

Grilled Ribs

Ribs, Sliced Ginger, Scallions