Cured Duck and Carrot Soup

Cured Duck and Carrot Soup

by Biancalaw

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Cantonese fast food


Cured Duck and Carrot Soup

1. Knurled white radish and cut it for later use, cut the cured duck leg into pieces

Cured Duck and Carrot Soup recipe

2. I forgot to take photos. The specific thing is to put the cured duck legs into the fry after the pan is heated. I am a Cantonese and I don’t like to eat greasy food, so I use a non-stick pan, so I won’t explain it here.

3. I'm sorry, there are no photos, my hands are full of oil... The details are also very simple. Put the radishes, cured duck legs, and ginger slices into the pot together. The ginger slices are to get rid of fishy. Don't forget to put white pepper in it. You can decide how much you want!

4. The pressure cooker is really good! After ten minutes, you can boil the pot and eat it. If you like coriander, you can add some to bring out the fragrance!

Cured Duck and Carrot Soup recipe


If you like the white soup, you can add some water to boil the duck legs when you stir-fry them, and then cook them again. The duck legs will become thin and white! The appearance is also excellent!


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