Curry Chicken Rice Bowl

Curry Chicken Rice Bowl

by Lattice 07

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Super delicious chicken curry! Eat one more bowl of rice every time you make it! ! ! Super simple and super delicious, a meal not to be missed.


Curry Chicken Rice Bowl

1. Add cornstarch to the chicken and marinate for a while. Such chicken will be very tender when cooked.

Curry Chicken Rice Bowl recipe

2. Dice carrots, potatoes, and green peppers. It would be better to add purple onions!

Curry Chicken Rice Bowl recipe

3. Add a small amount of oil to the pot, and stir-fry the carrots, potatoes, and diced green peppers for a while. Sheng Qi spare.

Curry Chicken Rice Bowl recipe

4. Add a small amount of oil to stir fry the chicken until its color changes, pour in the diced vegetables and stir fry again.

Curry Chicken Rice Bowl recipe

5. Add the right amount of water to the ingredients, add the curry cubes, and add the milk. Simmer on low heat. Wait until the soup is thickened.

Curry Chicken Rice Bowl recipe

6. Put a bowl of rice on an upside-down plate, sprinkle a few black sesame seeds for decoration, drizzle with delicious curry sauce, and you're done!

Curry Chicken Rice Bowl recipe


Add onion to taste better. You can choose the vegetables you like, and the chicken can also be replaced with beef. Don’t miss it.


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