Curry Cheese Risotto

Curry Cheese Risotto

by Panda Dan (From WeChat.)

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A lot of vegetables are simmered in curry, sprinkle cheese on the pan and cook in the microwave~so delicious~


Curry Cheese Risotto

1. Boil water in a pot, boil the green edamame and straw mushrooms~

Curry Cheese Risotto recipe

2. Dice the carrots and cook them, Microsoft will do it, so it’s a good stew~

Curry Cheese Risotto recipe

3. Put a little minced garlic in the wok, fry the eggplant until half alive, and serve it~

Curry Cheese Risotto recipe

4. Add some oil to the pot, fry potatoes and carrots~

Curry Cheese Risotto recipe

5. When it is half alive, add water and simmer, simmer until the potatoes are half soft, add the fried eggplant, add the sliced diced beef, and add half a box of Hershey curry cubes ~ simmering and simmering ~

Curry Cheese Risotto recipe

6. Put the rice on the plate, arrange the straw mushrooms and green peas~

Curry Cheese Risotto recipe

7. Put the dishes out, it's actually very tempting now ~ Hold back the last step!

Curry Cheese Risotto recipe

8. Sprinkle with black peppercorns and mozzarella cheese, I'm afraid of being too fat, so I sprinkle a little less~ You can sprinkle more if you like~

Curry Cheese Risotto recipe


Simple, you can put your favorite vegetables~


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