Dasheng Tangyuan

Dasheng Tangyuan

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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On the Lantern Festival of the Year of the Monkey, make a big sacred dumpling and take a bite of a monkey head, which is enjoyable. . Forgive my wicked taste, we are not Princess Iron Fan, so we are not afraid to eat it and cause troubles. . Hahaha. .

Brown is cocoa powder, white glutinous rice flour, red strawberry powder, and yellow is mango powder. They are all natural pigments. The filling I used is black sesame filling.

Dasheng Tangyuan

1. Divide the glutinous rice flour into several portions, one of the original color, and the other portions, add mango powder, strawberry powder, and cocoa powder, and mix well. Add small amounts of hot water one by one to form a dough. Cover the noodles for 20 minutes.

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

2. Take a small piece of cocoa dough, press it into a thin slice in the palm of your hand, wrap the black sesame filling, and seal the dough into a ball

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

3. Take a piece of yellow dough, press it into a cake in the palm of your hand, wrap half of it on the cocoa ball, and shape it into a hat shape

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

4. Take a piece of raw dough, press it into thin slices, and cut into the shape of the picture with a knife

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

5. Pinch the white part onto the cocoa ball, use your fingertips to press out the depressions in the eyes and mouth

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

6. In the same way, take another piece of red dough and carve out a heart shape

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

7. Pinch to the corresponding position, and use the cocoa color to pinch out the mouth in the right position

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

8. Half of the primary color and half of the cocoa color, grouped into a ball, pressed against the eye. Rub the tip of the cocoa color and stick it to the eyebrows. Two cocoa colored balls are glued to the ears, and the cochlea is pressed out with the head of the chopsticks

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

9. Use a toothpick to pierce the nostrils, rub two small balls with black sesame filling, fill them into the pupils pierced with the toothpick, and enclose the golden hoop.

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe

10. Put it in a spoon, put it in hot water and cook it

Dasheng Tangyuan recipe


1. Use a toothpick to make a hole in the pupil, and then fill in the black sesame filling. Don't pinch the small ball directly, or it will melt into the water after cooking;
2. The dosage of glutinous rice flour and other flours can be increased or decreased as appropriate. The cooking time also increases or decreases according to the size of the head and the thickness of the skin.


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