Delicious Dumplings

Delicious Dumplings

by Ada Xiaoyuer

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Today is Mother's Day! Make a dumpling for mom to taste


Delicious Dumplings

1. Chop the fresh meat into minced meat, add two eggs, chives, appropriate amount of salt and soy sauce, mix well

Delicious Dumplings recipe

2. Soak the dried fungus, chop into small pieces, add ginger paste, stir fry with salt and oil, the fried fungus fragrant

Delicious Dumplings recipe

3. Brush carrots into filaments for later use

Delicious Dumplings recipe

4. Put all the ingredients on a large plate and mix well

Delicious Dumplings recipe

5. Put the right amount of stuffing in the middle of the dumpling wrapper to wrap it

Delicious Dumplings recipe

6. Steam it when it's wrapped

Delicious Dumplings recipe

7. Steam it on high heat for about 15-20 minutes.

Delicious Dumplings recipe


If you have time, you can make your own dumpling wrappers. They are different in thickness and some are hard! The steamed dumplings can also be fried, very fragrant


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