Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables

Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables

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Eating spring cakes is one of the Chinese folk customs in Lichun. In some areas, there is a custom of eating spring cakes in Lichun. The taste of spring cakes in Northeast China and Beijing is the most delicious. According to legend, spring cakes, as a traditional Teochew snack, have yet to be verified. Spring cakes are pancakes baked in flour, usually eaten with vegetables. At the earliest, spring cakes and vegetables were placed on the same plate, which became a "chun plate". The Song "Sui Shi Guang Ji" quoted the Tang "Four Shi Bao Jing": "Lichun Sun eats radish, spring cakes, lettuce, and the name spring plate." From the Song Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the popularity of eating spring cakes flourished and there was an emperor In Lichun, the record of rewarding the spring plate spring cakes to hundreds of officials. Ming Dynasty's "Tours to the Capital of Yandu" contained: "Everything rises on the spring day, (the emperor) gave Baiguan spring cakes at Wumen." In the Qing Dynasty, the vegetable fillings eaten with spring cakes were more abundant. Nowadays, people prepare side dishes or all kinds of stir-fried dishes, and put them into the cakes when eating spring cakes. Eating spring cakes in the beginning of spring means welcoming the spring and praying for a good harvest.


Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables

1. Prepare all materials

Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. Prepare the kneading pad, rolling pin, oil brush and plate.

Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. 1 Roll out the skin of the dumpling thinly (you can skip it), 2 Brush the oil, 3 cover another dumpling skin, 4 Brush the oil, 5 last ten dumpling skins, 6 Roll out ten dumpling skins with a rolling pin and put in the oil In the plate.

Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

4. 1 Put water in the pot to boil when making spring cakes, 2 put the rolled spring cakes into the pot and steam. 3 The time for steaming spring cakes is the same as the time for preparing ten spring cakes in step 3. 4Follow step 3 to continue making spring cakes. Put the finished spring cakes on the plate of the steamer and continue steaming. 5 Repeat the above steps until all the spring cakes are steamed. After putting in the spring cakes for the last time, turn off the heat for ten minutes after medium heat.

Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

5. Shred all the vegetables. 1. Put green onion, cucumber, lettuce, and carrot on the first plate, and put carrot, lettuce, and fungus on the second plate. 3Reserve a part of the green onions to make chopped green onions.

Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

6. Fry the eggs in advance, and then fry the vegetables on the second plate, season them with oyster sauce and salt, collect the juices, and serve them out.

Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

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Spring Rolls with Seasonal Vegetables recipe


Vegetables can be prepared according to your preference


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