Dendrobium Chicken Soup

Dendrobium Chicken Soup

by Original Life•Home

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Now that I really want to eat anything, don’t worry about having time to make it, let alone not be able to buy it. Even the authentic chicken broth is prepared for you. It’s simple and convenient, and the key ingredients are rich. The kitchen chef can be a chef


How to make it

1. Dendrobium is soaked in hot water in advance

Dendrobium Chicken Soup recipe

2. Pour 2 boxes of chicken soup into the pot

Dendrobium Chicken Soup recipe

3. Heat to melt and pour in the soaked Dendrobium

Dendrobium Chicken Soup recipe

4. Simmer for 20 minutes on low heat. If you don’t add the rice to a boil, you can drink it directly.

Dendrobium Chicken Soup recipe

5. Turn off the heat and sprinkle with chives. Soup, in the time of a song, enjoy the soup cooked by the chef.

Dendrobium Chicken Soup recipe


1. The soup can be drunk in 5 minutes after it is heated and boiled. I need to boil the nutrition of Dendrobium into the soup because of the addition of Dendrobium, so it takes a long time
2. The soup tunes you bought need to be frozen in the refrigerator
3. Today I used the original flavor, and you can choose the mushroom flavor

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