Chicken Soup Noodles

Chicken Soup Noodles

by Sago Fiona

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The seasons change, and many people have caught colds recently. Several children from friends' homes also fell ill one after another, and my children are no exception. I had already caught a cold last month. After going to kindergarten for a week, I was infected again when I came back. It was also because after the heating was disabled, the kindergarten turned on the air conditioner for fear that the children were too cold. The air-conditioned house is too dry, and the children drink less water, making them uncomfortable one by one.

The past few days have finally gotten better, and he has no appetite. Therefore, he stewed him a pot of chicken soup, put a handful of fine noodles, and threw a few green vegetables. Unexpectedly, the kid ate a big bowl of soup with noodles all at once.

Chicken soup, especially hen soup, has always been known for its deliciousness, and the effect of "tonifying deficiency" is also known. Chicken soup can also relieve cold symptoms and improve the body's immune function. Therefore, in this weather, you can eat something appropriately.


Chicken Soup Noodles

1. Simmer two catties of young hens in advance for 2 hours, putting only a piece of ginger and green onions. After cooling, skim off excess oil. Stewed chicken soup should use hot water, boil over high heat, and simmer slowly.

Chicken Soup Noodles recipe

2. Pour the chicken broth into another pot, add some shredded ginger, put the mushrooms in it and cook.

Chicken Soup Noodles recipe

3. When the shiitake mushrooms are cooked, add the dried noodles.

Chicken Soup Noodles recipe

4. After the noodles are cooked, add some greens and adjust the amount of salt according to your taste. Because the chicken soup is very delicious, it is solid and only needs to be salted. Sprinkle some chopped green onions. Add some chicken to your liking.

Chicken Soup Noodles recipe


Before boiling the chicken soup, remove the fat from the chicken skin. Generally, the fat can be removed directly near the buttocks. It is best to remove the chicken skin before stewing, so that it will not be too greasy. The stewed chicken broth is the most delicious when used for the noodles.


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