【dragon Fruit Cake】

【dragon Fruit Cake】

by Chen Xi Ma Ma Kitchen

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Dragon fruit pie is a delicacy that many people like to eat, so how to make dragon fruit pie is delicious? On this issue, the editor will share my experience with you, hoping to help you. If you like the editor’s article, remember to follow the editor and forward it! thank you all!


【dragon Fruit Cake】

1. First prepare all the ingredients, as shown in the picture below. Tips: appropriate amount of dragon fruit puree, 100 grams of flour, appropriate amount of spinach puree, and one egg.

【dragon Fruit Cake】 recipe

2. Then add eggs and flour to the dragon fruit puree and mix well, as shown in the picture below.

【dragon Fruit Cake】 recipe

3. Then use a spoon to drop the dragon fruit batter vertically and fry until it is set, as shown in the picture below.

【dragon Fruit Cake】 recipe

4. Then use the mold to press out the shape, as shown in the figure below.

【dragon Fruit Cake】 recipe

5. Then add the spinach noodles and fry them until both sides are cooked through.

【dragon Fruit Cake】 recipe

6. A delicious dragon fruit pie is ready, I hope everyone will like it. Have you learned it? Give it a try as soon as possible. If you have any good suggestions or different views on the editor’s approach, please leave a message to the editor. Thank you. Remember to follow the editor and forward the works of the editor. The editor will continue to provide you with food tutorials, and your support will be the biggest motivation for the editor.

【dragon Fruit Cake】 recipe


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