Pitaya Soluble Beans

Pitaya Soluble Beans

by Yaoyao Original Food Class

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This time I made the pitaya mellow beans. When the mellow beans are made, whether they will defoam or not has a lot to do with the milk powder. I changed the milk powder this time, and it defoamed slightly, but it did not affect the taste at all. Everyone has a milk powder as much as possible. For one section, you can use others if you don’t have one. Adjust the concentration and defoaming will not be so powerful. I made dragon fruit today. You can use any fruit and vegetable puree you like instead.

Pitaya Soluble Beans

1. Use a wall-breaking machine to make the fruit puree. You can make more and take an appropriate amount to use.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

2. The pitaya puree does not need to be beaten with water, it can be beaten with a blender or a cooking stick.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

3. Mix the pitaya puree, milk powder and starch to form a puree.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

4. Add fine sugar to the egg white three times and beat with an electric whisk until it is firm.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

5. Pour the pitaya puree into the egg white.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

6. Use a spatula to mix up and down evenly.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

7. Put it in a piping bag, the eight-tooth piping mouth I used.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

8. Squeeze the melted beans evenly on the baking tray, and preheat the oven in advance.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

9. Fire up and down, middle level, 100 degrees, 50 minutes. Each oven has a different temper, so you need to fine-tune the time and observe the status more.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe

10. After roasting, take it out and let it cool and put it into a sealed container to prevent moisture.

Pitaya Soluble Beans recipe


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