Hydrangea Burger

Hydrangea Burger

by Mother Maizi

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KFC’s new limited edition rose cheese roasted chicken drumstick, today I will also come to a copycat! The noodles are made with red pitaya. The natural red color is very similar to the color of a rose! The key is to rest assured! As for it, I didn't have any chicken drumsticks inside! Actually, you have the final say! Clip whatever you have at home! I used lettuce, beef patties and cheese slices!


Hydrangea Burger

1. First put the red dragon fruit into the fruit puree bread bucket, first put the dragon fruit puree and egg liquid, add sugar in one corner and salt in one corner

Hydrangea Burger recipe

2. Add high flour and yeast, put the bread bucket into the machine, turn on the IMIX button, and start kneading, the default is 20 minutes

Hydrangea Burger recipe

3. To prepare the butter, use Bravelle butter from Italy, which is rich in milk flavor and add small pieces of butter to continue mixing.

Hydrangea Burger recipe

4. I used a one-and-a-half program for 30 minutes. I took out the dough and left it at room temperature.

Hydrangea Burger recipe

5. The dough is flattened and exhausted and divided into 6 medium doughs, each medium dough is divided into 4 small doughs, a total of 24 small doughs. Roll the small doughs into long strips.

Hydrangea Burger recipe

6. Take four of them and put them together in a tic-tac-shape and cross the two adjacent ones, put the lower one on the upper one, make a circle counterclockwise, and then make a circle clockwise.

Hydrangea Burger recipe

7. Repeat this way, until it can no longer be used, insert the joint into the bottom to make the shape of the hydrangea, and then put the hydrangea into the paper film for secondary fermentation

Hydrangea Burger recipe

8. Fermentation is complete, brush with egg mixture, preheat the oven at 180 degrees and bake for 20 minutes

Hydrangea Burger recipe

9. After the bread has cooled, cut it in the middle and prepare the ingredients in the middle: I put lettuce and beef patties (the ingredients are not in the material list, what do I like)

Hydrangea Burger recipe

10. I also squeeze some salad dressing and cheese slices and put the other half on it

Hydrangea Burger recipe


I made 6 hydrangea hamburger embryos in total!
Choose a larger egg, 2 egg mixtures are between 100-110 grams, and the rest will be used to brush the noodles!
I did not use water with the dough, because the puree is also thick and thin, so I adjust it according to the actual situation!


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