Dragon Fruit Gnocchi

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi

by Samsuŋ❤

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Glutinous rice balls are common, but dragon fruit glutinous rice balls are uncommon, right? The jams made by our house generally don’t last for a few days. If it weren't for me to chase and intercept, the jam would be gone as soon as it came out. When I was making glutinous rice balls this morning, I found that there was still some dragon jam left, so I simply made dragon fruit glutinous rice balls. As a result of a whim, the fruit glutinous rice balls are very popular, and everyone is rushing to eat them.
In order to take care of the appetites of the elderly and children, my glutinous rice balls are cooked relatively softly, so you can operate them as hard or soft as you like.


Dragon Fruit Gnocchi

1. Prepare raw materials: 700g glutinous rice flour, 650g dragon jam, 30g fine sugar, 100g rice wine.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe

2. Pour dragon jam into the glutinous rice flour.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe

3. Pour in granulated sugar. Those who don't like sweets can put some sugar in it.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe

4. Knead into dragon fruit glutinous rice flour dough.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe

5. Place the dough on a silicone mat, knead it into thin strips, and divide it into small pieces of even size.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe

6. Place each small dose in the palm of your hand and make a circle.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe

7. Pour clean water into the pot and bring it to a boil.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe

8. Put the dumplings in the pot and cook until they float.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe

9. Pour in the rice wine and cook for a while before it comes out of the pot.

Dragon Fruit Gnocchi recipe


1. 100g of rice wine and fermented rice.
2. Dragon jam itself is sweet, add sugar as appropriate.


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