Dumpling Crust Pizza

Dumpling Crust Pizza

by HumiL

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I have always disliked thick pizza. The authentic Italian pizza is thin-crusted. When you are too lazy to roll the crust, there is an alternative, which is really convenient and fast.


Dumpling Crust Pizza

1. Slice the ham, slice the shiitake mushrooms, and dice the corn

Dumpling Crust Pizza recipe

2. Stir-fry ham, shiitake mushrooms, corn and season them appropriately

Dumpling Crust Pizza recipe

3. Mix salad dressing and tomato sauce and set aside

Dumpling Crust Pizza recipe

4. Brush the mixed sauce on the dumpling skin

Dumpling Crust Pizza recipe

5. Stir-fried ingredients and tuna are placed on the dumpling wrapper and topped with mozzarella cheese

Dumpling Crust Pizza recipe

6. Bake at 160 degrees for about 5-10 minutes

Dumpling Crust Pizza recipe


1. It is more convenient to bake if the ingredients are fried, and the cheese cannot be bake for too long
2. Eat it while it's hot before drawing it


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