Egg Hug Dumplings

Egg Hug Dumplings

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Egg Hug Dumplings

1. Put the reconciled meat on the dumpling wrapper, fold it in half and pinch it in the middle as shown in the picture.

Egg Hug Dumplings recipe

2. Pinch tightly as shown in the figure.

Egg Hug Dumplings recipe

3. Put the chopped carrots on it.

Egg Hug Dumplings recipe

4. Put the dumplings in the pot with oil.

Egg Hug Dumplings recipe

5. The bottom of the dumplings are fried and slightly yellow, add appropriate amount of water and simmer for 10 minutes.

Egg Hug Dumplings recipe

6. Beat three eggs.

Egg Hug Dumplings recipe

7. Drain into the pot with a colander.

Egg Hug Dumplings recipe

8. The fried eggs are shaped and sprinkled with black sesame seeds and chopped green onions.

Egg Hug Dumplings recipe


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