Egg Tart Baked Rice

Egg Tart Baked Rice

by Lqiaoan

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The first bake in 2021 is a bit special, but it is really delicious. No one can blame this batch of tarts. The tarts and rice can be eaten together. The important thing is that they can be drawn. Hahahaha...The crust is crispy The salty inside is really delicious! Definitely suitable for children who do not like to eat haha!


Egg Tart Baked Rice

1. Put the egg tart crust in the oven and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe

2. Put the freshly fried rice on the baked tart

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe

3. To 8 or 9 minutes full

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe

4. Finally put the cheese

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe

5. Put it in the oven and continue baking for 10 minutes

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe

6. After the oven

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe

7. It's great to eat while it is hot

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe

8. You can eat more than one at a time

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe

9. Very creative, isn't it hahaha

Egg Tart Baked Rice recipe


When baking the egg tart, you must pay attention to its state, because the temperature of each oven is different, as long as it is baked to golden brown, it will continue to test for about 10 minutes after putting the cheese on it. It is not recommended to bake it for too long. After a long time the cheese hardens and the drawing degree will decrease a lot. Of course, if you don’t have tart in the house, you don’t need it.


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