Egg Yolk Crisp

Egg Yolk Crisp

by Xu Jinghui-

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Egg yolk pastry is a Chinese dessert, very traditional and common, because it is crispy and delicious.

Scumbag, and loved by people.
Today I’m going to teach you a simple and delicious egg yolk pastry to make egg yolk pastry and pastry.

The ratio is very important. If the ratio is not good, the egg yolk will be very dry and rolled during the process of making.

The skin will be peeled during the process, and the yolk cake made will not be so crisp.

Egg Yolk Crisp

1. The salted egg yolk is soaked in corn oil or colorless and odorless cooking oil two days before use.

The egg yolk is very delicious

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

2. Let's make the oil crust, first put all the ingredients of the oil crust in the bread bucket, (if there is no bread machine,

I can only knead it with my hands),

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

3. It is important to turn on the bread machine and knead until the surface is smooth and the film can be pulled out.

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

4. Take out the kneaded oil skin and set aside to relax for 15 minutes (don’t forget to cover with plastic wrap)

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

5. Put the pastry ingredients in a large bowl and knead it into a dough. This process requires patience, because the pastry will

It's very soft. After kneading, let the pastry stand for 10 minutes

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

6. Take an egg yolk and red bean paste. The total weight of the egg yolk and red bean paste I used is 40 grams.

Slap flat, put the egg yolk on top

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

7. Wrap the egg yolk with the red bean paste, slowly use the tiger’s mouth to close up, and finally slowly close the mouth until the red bean paste is completely

Wrap the egg yolks and wrap all the 20 egg yolks with red bean paste in turn. After all the bean paste and egg yolks are prepared, use plastic wrap

Cover and set aside for later

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

8. Divide the oily crust and shortcrust dough into 20 equal parts, gently round the oily crust and shortcrusted dough, cover with plastic wrap and set aside

15 minutes, there must be no less static part in each process.

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

9. Take an oily crust and roll it into a round shape. Put the oily pastry on top of the oily crust, wrap the oily pastry with the oily crust, and slowly use the tiger's mouth

Take it up, and slowly close the mouth at the end until the oily skin completely covers the shortbread. This process is the same as wrapping the egg yolk.

The operation is the same.

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

10. Wrap all the oil skins and pastry in turn, and let stand for 15 minutes

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

11. Roll the first time after 15 minutes: take 1 puff pastry and gently squeeze it into an oval slice

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

12. Then push the roll from top to bottom, closing it down,

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

13. Roll out all the oil skins and shortbread in turn, cover with plastic wrap and relax for 30 minutes

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

14. After the relaxation is good, roll the roll for the second time, with the mouth facing upwards and press it first, and roll it to about 18 cm.

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

15. It still pushes the roll from top to bottom, and rolls it up as shown in the picture. After all the oil skin and pastry are rolled,

Continue to relax for 30 minutes

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

16. After the relaxation is complete, take 1 puff pastry, press it in the middle of the closing, pinch both sides, squash and roll it into

Round shape

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

17. Put the egg yolk and bean paste on the round oil-skin pastry, wrap the pastry with the oil-skin pastry, and slowly use the mouth

Take up

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

18. Finally, slowly close the mouth until the oily skin and shortbread has completely wrapped the egg yolk and bean paste. This process is also the same as wrapping the egg

Huang's operation is the same. Finally squeeze, closing the mouth down

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

19. Wrap all the egg yolk pastry and let it rest for about 15 minutes

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe

20. Brush a layer of egg yolk liquid on the egg yolk puff pastry, sprinkle with black sesame seeds, preheat the oven to 180 degrees, bake for 30 minutes, and take it out of the oven

Just let it cool and eat

Egg Yolk Crisp recipe


Lard can be made by yourself, or it will be more fragrant. Lard can also be replaced with corn oil or butter. During the production process, the oil skin and pastry should be covered with plastic wrap for later use to prevent the skin from drying out.


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