Soup Hot Pot Base

Soup Hot Pot Base

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Soup Hot Pot Base

1. Prepare lard, about 50ml of salad oil, and fry it hot. If you like hot pot oil, you can also add more salad oil.

Soup Hot Pot Base recipe

2. Add the cleaned crucian carp and fry it until browned, pick it up, and leave the oil in the pot.

Soup Hot Pot Base recipe

3. Put scallions in the pot and stir-fry the ginger until fragrant (it's best to put more ginger slices to eat fishy, but also make the soup more delicious). The crucian carp should be wrapped in gauze to avoid simmering it out of the soup.

Soup Hot Pot Base recipe

4. Add the big bone soup (water) to a boil, add the crucian carp, pepper, and simmer until the crucian carp is soft and the soup becomes milky white. Don't want crucian carp, pour the soup into a clean pot, add oyster mushrooms, jujubes, wolfberry, chicken essence, ham sausage, and boil.

Soup Hot Pot Base recipe

5. Add tomatoes and cook, you can blanch your favorite dishes, with your favorite dipping saucer.

Soup Hot Pot Base recipe


Beat the froth frequently to ensure that the soup is milky. Bring to a boil on high heat and stew the soup over a low fire.
Try to use big bone soup, chicken soup, etc. There is no substitute for water. Boil the big bone soup more so that even if the water is boiled dry after blanching the vegetables, you can continue to add the big bone soup. It is best not to add salt to the big bone soup, just add some ginger onions and spices.


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