Facai Tofu Soup

Facai Tofu Soup

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Facai is the algae of the algae plant Facai. Facai paste is located under the desert plants. It is named "Facai" because of its shape and black color. It is also called "Ground hair" because it cannot be grown artificially, so it is a very valuable food.


Facai Tofu Soup

1. Add water to the boiling pot, put the vegetable, tofu shreds, salt, and chicken essence.

Facai Tofu Soup recipe

2. After boiling, pour in water to thicken the starch.

Facai Tofu Soup recipe

3. Cook until the soup is thick.

Facai Tofu Soup recipe

4. Add chopped green onions, goji berries, and a few drops of sesame oil to turn off the heat.

Facai Tofu Soup recipe

5. Enjoy!

Facai Tofu Soup recipe


The lactone tofu is difficult to cut into shreds, and it can be cut into small cubes.


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