Southern Milk Thick Vegetarian Pot

Southern Milk Thick Vegetarian Pot

by Xin Yu Fei Fei

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Nanruzhai clay pot is a famous Guangdong dish, and it is a common claypot dish in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. The ingredients include Chinese cabbage, winter mushrooms, vermicelli, yuba, broccoli and green beans. Nanruzhai is also called Wengongzhai, Wengongzhai, and also called Wengongzhai, Wengong Cuozhai, Nanru Wengongzhai and Wengong. Braised vegetarian food. Many families have the tradition of offering vegetarian food to the Buddha for the New Year. Before 12 o’clock in the evening on the 30th, they will cook a large pot of vegetarian food for the Buddha. After the Buddha, the children scramble for food. They should be the most popular dishes for mother and grandma .
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Southern Milk Thick Vegetarian Pot

1. Wash the cabbage, peel the carrots, water chestnuts, and ginger

2. Soak the mushrooms, cloud ears, fungus, bamboo shoots, hair vegetables, and vermicelli in water to soften the body in advance

Southern Milk Thick Vegetarian Pot recipe

3. Minami milk and fermented bean curd mashed and mixed

4. Remove the stems and cut into half of the mushrooms, slice the cabbage, radish and ginger, cut the bamboo and vermicelli into sections, and cut the bottom lumps of cloud ear and fungus

5. Carrots, cloud ears and fungus, respectively, with boiling water for 5 minutes, pick up, drain the water

Southern Milk Thick Vegetarian Pot recipe

6. Take the cabbage out of the water, heat the pot with 2 tablespoons of oil, saute the ginger slices slightly, add carrots, mushrooms, cloud ears, fungus, and yuba

7. Increase the cabbage and stir-fry, add the flavor very fresh and stir fry

Southern Milk Thick Vegetarian Pot recipe

8. Add southern milk and stir fry evenly

9. Adding vegetarian fuel consumption, until all materials soften

10. Add vermicelli and steamed vegetables, if the remaining water is not enough, add boiling water as appropriate

11. Cook for another two minutes to taste

Southern Milk Thick Vegetarian Pot recipe
Southern Milk Thick Vegetarian Pot recipe


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