Haired Dace Fish Balls

Haired Dace Fish Balls

by Fire plated red leaves

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Dice is unique to Guangdong. The stuffed dace made by Shunde people is still on TV. I don’t know how to make stuffed dace, but I can make dace balls. Add some sashimi in the fish and it’s done. There is a good meaning of a dish; home-made delicious, refreshing and elastic fish meatballs at home, as long as you do this, you will definitely succeed, that is, you must repeatedly beat the minced dace with your hands, so that the fish will be elastic. Patience and strength, but in order to be delicious and tasteful, this step cannot be avoided


Haired Dace Fish Balls

1. For the ingredients, there are freshly slaughtered dace in the market, and then stir them into minced meat for sale; Soak the vegetables in water, filter out the water, and cut the coriander and shallots into small pieces

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe

2. Put the hair dish into the minced dace and mix evenly in the same direction

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe

3. Then put the seasoning salt, sugar, pepper, oyster sauce, and fish sauce in the fish meat and mix slightly

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe

4. Add scallions, coriander, and a small amount of sesame oil to the minced dace, and mix them in the same direction.

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe

5. Add cornstarch at the end

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe

6. Mix it in the same direction, and then beat the minced dace with your hands until it becomes elastic. Let it take more than 30 minutes, and set it aside.

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe

7. Bring a pot to boil an appropriate amount of water, blanch the cabbage and pick it up

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe

8. Add a small amount of salt and oil to the boiling water to make the minced dace into a meatball shape, and boil it in boiling water until it floats, indicating that it has been cooked thoroughly, turn off the heat

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe

9. Put the steamed dace balls in the bowl, put the greens, pour the water used to cook the dace balls into the bowl, add some soy sauce, sesame oil, and fish sauce, and you can eat

Haired Dace Fish Balls recipe


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