Fancy Bean Paste Bread

Fancy Bean Paste Bread

by Yuchi Pink

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There are many ways to make bread, just the same recipe, you can make all kinds of bread as long as you spend a little thought. The fancy red bean paste bread is the original recipe, just add a little red bean paste, and the plastic surgery has been slightly modified, haha, immediately changed into a fancy bean paste bread. Haha, beautiful and nutritious.


Fancy Bean Paste Bread

1. Knead all the ingredients (except butter and bean paste) into a dough. I use the bread maker kneading program. After 15 minutes, I add butter and knead the dough until the fascia is formed.

2. When fermented to 2.5 times the size, divide into six portions, knead and relax for 15 minutes

3. Roll the dough into a circle, into a circle, wrap the bean paste filling, pinch tightly and close the mouth

Fancy Bean Paste Bread recipe

4. Flatten the stuffed dough into an oval shape, and use a sharp knife to make a number of lanes on the surface (only the surface layer is scratched)

Fancy Bean Paste Bread recipe

5. Turn the dough upside down, bend both ends into a circle and pinch it tightly, put it into the baking tray for final fermentation

6. After fermentation, brush a layer of egg liquid on the surface of the bread

Fancy Bean Paste Bread recipe

7. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, middle level, upper and lower fire, bake for 15 minutes

Fancy Bean Paste Bread recipe
Fancy Bean Paste Bread recipe


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