Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup

by Anan_1225

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Simple raw materials, layered appearance, mellow taste;
Just like every ordinary father, the delicate and deep love always becomes our strong backing...

Sawdust cups can be made quickly and deliciously. Finally, they can be sprinkled with patterns or decorated with fruits.
It has a cold and delicate taste. If you receive such a gift on Father's Day, which dad is not happy?

The amount of this recipe can make about 6 cups of finished products.

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup

1. Keep the whipped cream in the refrigerator beforehand. Weigh other raw materials and put them in small bowls.

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup recipe

2. Put the digestive biscuits and the crushed Oreos into the fresh-keeping bag separately, and crush them with a rolling pin.
Don't use too much force to avoid breaking the bag.

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup recipe

3. Pour the whipped cream into the egg beater, beat at medium and high speed until it is foamed, add condensed milk, and continue to beat to 90%.
Then put the whipped cream in a piping bag for later use.

4. Take a small spoon and place a spoonful of the processed biscuits on the bottom of the cup.
The thickness can be according to personal preference, so that it can cover the entire bottom of the cup.

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup recipe

5. With the help of a small spoon or rolling pin, gently flatten and compact the biscuits.

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup recipe

6. The next step is to squeeze a layer of cream and spread a layer of biscuits until it fills the whole cup.
When squeezing the cream, you don’t actually need to install a flower mouth~

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup recipe

7. The recipe recommends two kinds of biscuits as raw materials, because they look better with different colors.
If there is only one kind of biscuits, it is okay.

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup recipe

8. Fill the last layer of biscuits as smooth and full as possible.
Then, with the help of printing tools and flour sieves, patterns can be sprinkled on the surface.
It can also be decorated with marshmallows or fruits.

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup recipe

9. It looks like it's done. It can be eaten directly, it tastes better if refrigerated for more than 1 hour~

Everyone can give full play to their imagination to decorate.
A simple sawdust cup can also become very thoughtful~

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup recipe


1) The condensed milk added when whipped cream can be adjusted according to personal preference, because the biscuits themselves have a sweet taste;
2) The thickness of the biscuits can be adjusted according to your preference, the top layer is better to be more delicate, so that the decoration is more beautiful~


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