Fresh-keeping Bag recipes

Baked Squid with Seasonal Vegetables

Squid, Barbecue Sauce, Carrot

Barbecued Pork with Honey Sauce

Plum Meat, Barbecued Pork Sauce, Oyster Sauce

Crispy Roast Chicken

Chicks, Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce

Microwave Roasted Purple Sweet Potato

Purple Sweet Potato, Fresh-keeping Bag

Father's Day Themed Sawdust Cup

Light Cream, Digestive Biscuits, Oreo Cookies

Oreo Coffee Milk

Milk, Oreo Sandwich Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fresh-keeping Bag

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin, Glutinous Rice Flour, High-gluten Flour

Homemade Salted Eggs

Egg, Fresh-keeping Bag, Salt

Ice Fire Pineapple Bun

High-gluten Flour, Plain Flour, Butter