Finger Biscuits

Finger Biscuits

by Michelle jzhzlljyf123

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When I chose finger biscuits because I wanted to make tiramisu, it was not only used to make tiramisu, but also a good choice as a snack or afternoon tea.


Finger Biscuits

1. Prepare the ingredients

Finger Biscuits recipe

2. When the egg whites are beaten with a whisk until the foam is thick, add 30 grams of fine sugar in batches to beat the egg whites. Lift the whisk to pull out the sharp corners.

Finger Biscuits recipe

3. Add 20 grams of white sugar to the egg yolk and beat until the egg yolk becomes thicker, lighter in color, and bulky

Finger Biscuits recipe

4. Put one-half of the egg whites into the egg yolk bowl

Finger Biscuits recipe

5. Sift one-half of the flour and mix evenly, do not stir in circular motions to avoid defoaming

Finger Biscuits recipe

6. Finally add the remaining egg whites and flour and mix well

Finger Biscuits recipe

7. Put it in a piping bag

Finger Biscuits recipe

8. Squeeze out the strips of batter (I used a gold plate, I don’t know why there are textures after squeezing it out, it is best to use the built-in baking pan, pad oil paper to squeeze the strips of batter) preheat the oven in advance, bake at 175 degrees for 13 minutes, the surface Golden

Finger Biscuits recipe


1. Because there is no need to squeeze the pattern, do not use the piping bag and the piping nozzle, just put it in the fresh-keeping bag and cut a mouth, you can directly squeeze the batter;
2. After the batter is mixed, it should be baked in the oven as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause defoaming and affect the quality of the biscuits;
3. Finger biscuits are very absorbent, and they are easy to become soft when exposed to the air, so they should be sealed and stored;
4. The oven temperature is for reference only.


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