Clear Soup Hot Pot

Clear Soup Hot Pot

by Li Xiaobin

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Clear Soup Hot Pot

1. Dried shiitake mushrooms, dried fungus, yuba soak in water

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

2. Put fungus, shiitake mushrooms, cordyceps flower, green onion, sliced ginger and thick soup in the hot pot, add appropriate amount of water and salt to boil

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

3. Pick and wash baby cabbage, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, coriander, spinach, and lettuce

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

4. Sliced pork belly and ham

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

5. Fish balls, beef balls, fish steaks and fish tofu are ready. After the water is boiled, put them in the order of meat first, then you can start eating.

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe


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