Fish Balls in Clear Soup

Fish Balls in Clear Soup

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To make fish balls, you can either blanch them in water or deep-fry. People here are deep-fried a little bit more, and some fat will be added. The clear soup fish ball is a famous dish in Zhejiang. It is famous for its clear soup, delicious, tender, and white. The fish balls are like white jade, with clear color, smooth and delicious. Some ham slices will be added, and the soup is salty and delicious.
Silver carp is suitable for making fish balls, and herring is also made this time. not bad.
1100 grams of herring (with fish bones removed)
Ingredients: 1 shiitake mushroom, appropriate amount of Chinese cabbage, appropriate amount of ginger and shallot, appropriate amount of salt, 1 egg white, 300ML water


Fish Balls in Clear Soup

1. The fish is handled cleanly, and a piece of cloth is easy to operate under the cutting board.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

2. Cut off the fish head and tail.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

3. Cut straight to the left from the bone of the fish head.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

4. Cut into sections at the tail of the fish. Slice the fish bones from the belly of the fish.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

5. Scrape the fish paste. Press one end of the fish with your left hand and scrape the knife to the right.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

6. Scrape good fish paste. About 500 grams

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

7. Add fresh water to the ginger onion and grab it for ginger onion water.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

8. Beat the egg whites well.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

9. Add about 10 grams of salt, add water, and egg white in batches, stir well and add another time. The fish mud is whipped up. There is a state of bubbling slightly.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

10. Put cold water into the pot.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

11. Cook over medium and low heat, and remove any bubbles.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

12. Boil water in a pot, add a little salt, add fish balls, and cook the choy sum and shiitake mushrooms.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe

13. Just fill the bowl.

Fish Balls in Clear Soup recipe


1. The fish mud should be scraped delicately. The fish meat used should be fresh fish that has been refrigerated for half a day after being cut. The knife should be flat and the knife surface should be tilted about 60 degrees. Use proper force and scrape finely. through;
2. Correctly grasp the proportion of fish mud water and salt, and the ratio of fish mud to water is generally 1:2 (that is, 200 grams of water can be added to 100 grams of fish mud), which can be expanded and contracted according to the freshness and water absorption of the fish, adding salt The amount is: about 13 grams of salt per 500 grams of fishballs (including the amount of water added);
3. Adding water to the fish mud should be carried out in 2 to 3 times. The "beating" should be continuously stirred in the same direction (generally no less than 500 times) until the fish mud has evenly bubbled.
4. The fishballs should be potted under cold water. The medium and small fires should be "raised" mature. The water in the pot should be kept in a boiling state, otherwise the fishballs are easy to age and break.
5. Of course what I did was not good enough. Keep practicing.


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