Fishtail Zucchini Soup

Fishtail Zucchini Soup

by Lazy G Eva

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Come home from get off work and come home for a simple and nutritious dinner to cheer for yourself and your family after a busy day~⛽️


Fishtail Zucchini Soup

1. Prepare all materials.

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe

2. Peel the zucchini, wash, and cut into small pieces. Rinse the tail of the fish,

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe

3. Wash the pot and heat it over high heat, put in an appropriate amount of peanut oil, add ginger slices and sauté until the oil temperature rises.

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe

4. Put the fish tail in the pan and fry until golden on both sides.

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe

5. Add an appropriate amount of water while it is hot.

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe

6. Then cover the pot.

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe

7. Wait for the water to boil and pour in the cut zucchini slices.

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe

8. Cover the pot and heat it over high heat.

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe

9. When the soup is boiled again, remove the lid and heat until the melon slices become soft and nearly transparent, then add appropriate amount of salt to taste and mix well. Cook for another minute or two before serving.

Fishtail Zucchini Soup recipe


1. After the fish tails are fried until golden on both sides, they must be flushed into water immediately. Do not heat the water, otherwise the fish soup will not have a milky white effect; 2. When seasoning, you can add a few drops of sesame oil according to your preference to bring out the umami taste of the fish soup.


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