Fish Head Soup

Fish Head Soup

by Xiaoqi Feifei

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Tofu and fish head cooked together, high nutritional value


Fish Head Soup

1. Cut the fish head in half and wash the inside of the head

Fish Head Soup recipe

2. Sliced ginger, cut off white onion

Fish Head Soup recipe

3. Tofu cut into strips

Fish Head Soup recipe

4. Chopped green onions

Fish Head Soup recipe

5. Add oil in a hot pan, heat the fish head for 8 minutes and fry on both sides and fry for a while, then add ginger and green onion and fry together, add appropriate amount of water to boil

Fish Head Soup recipe

6. After boiling, put the tofu strips and continue to simmer for about an hour. Before you start the pot, remove the oil on the top, so that it is not greasy when you drink it. Just add some salt to enhance the flavor.

Fish Head Soup recipe


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