Tomato Fish Soup

Tomato Fish Soup

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Tomatoes are rich in carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins. Anhui fish is also called grass carp. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial to blood circulation. Among them, Anhui fish contains rich selenium, which can be used for anti-aging and beauty. With the addition of sweet scallops, you can make a delicious, quick and easy fish soup.


Tomato Fish Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients, wash the fish head and tail, add salt, oil, soy sauce, cooking wine and marinate for 5 minutes, wash the tomatoes, and cut into pieces; PS: for a good taste, peel the tomatoes.

Tomato Fish Soup recipe

2. Heat the pan, pour the oil, add the marinated fish heads, fish tails, and ginger shreds and fry under low heat, turn it over slightly yellow; PS: cover the pan and cover it easily, cut it to remove the fish

Tomato Fish Soup recipe

3. Boil water, add the washed and soaked scallops, and boil for 8 minutes;

Tomato Fish Soup recipe

4. Add tomato chunks;

Tomato Fish Soup recipe

5. Add the fried fish head and fish tail and cook for 5 minutes;

Tomato Fish Soup recipe

6. Add salt and chives and mix well.

Tomato Fish Soup recipe


1. When frying Anhui fish, fry slowly on a low heat, and you can cover the pot to make it easy to fry;
2. The scallops are delicious, and those who don’t like scallops can add MSG chicken essence.


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