Fish Noodle Simmering Soup

Fish Noodle Simmering Soup

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At the end of last year, the fish noodles "beaten" was the last one. I went to the supermarket and brought back a box of pork bones, simmered fish noodle soup, and "eliminated" it in the most delicious way. Fish noodle is a traditional delicacy in Hubei that has a history of more than a thousand years. As a local specialty, it was used as a tribute to the court in the Ming Dynasty. Husband's hometown is Huangmei, Hubei. Hubei Huangmei is the "Hometown of Huangmei Opera" well-known throughout the country. In addition to Huangmei Opera, fish noodles are another specialty of Huangmei. It has a long-standing reputation in the world for nail art.


Fish Noodle Simmering Soup

1. Rinse the fish noodles, soak them in a basin of clean water, and soak until soft

2. Place the pot in water, smash 1/2 ginger into the pot, wash the shallots, turn the onion into the pot, sprinkle some peppercorns, and boil the washed pork spine into the pot after boiling, pour the cooking wine and cook until the bloody froth overflows

Fish Noodle Simmering Soup recipe

3. Remove the pork spine, rinse off the attached scum with warm water, control the water and put it in the soup pot, and pour enough water

4. Loosen the remaining ginger into the pot, boil the pot on high heat, turn to low heat and simmer until the pork spine is cooked and soft (about 40 minutes)

Fish Noodle Simmering Soup recipe

5. Add the fish noodles soaked to the soft body to control the water, then add to the soup pot, turn to high heat

6. Boil the fish noodles until silvery white and transparent, absorb the juice and taste, add salt and a little pepper to taste, after the pan, the red hot pepper rings are sauteed with oil and the surface is ready

Fish Noodle Simmering Soup recipe
Fish Noodle Simmering Soup recipe
Fish Noodle Simmering Soup recipe
Fish Noodle Simmering Soup recipe


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