Fish Soup

Fish Soup

by Luyao 20082008

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This bowl of soup does not require too much skill to stew. To stew this bowl of soup, bacon is indispensable. It can be used to increase the freshness. It is very delicious and has high nutritional value. There is no need to worry about growing meat.


Fish Soup

1. Soak the dried bamboo shoots in water

Fish Soup recipe

2. Then cut into small pieces

Fish Soup recipe

3. Wash the fish and cut into small pieces

Fish Soup recipe

4. Peel the garlic

Fish Soup recipe

5. Cut the ginger into small pieces

Fish Soup recipe

6. Put the ginger and garlic into the pot, add some water

Fish Soup recipe

7. Then add dried bamboo shoots

Fish Soup recipe

8. Add the right amount of rice wine

Fish Soup recipe

9. Add in bacon slices and fish

Fish Soup recipe

10. Boil over high heat

Fish Soup recipe

11. Then turn to low heat and cook for about half an hour

Fish Soup recipe


Note: You can soak the fish in warm water when washing the fish, so that things on the surface of the fish can be easily washed off


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