Fish Soup

Fish Soup

by Gourmet Cat 56

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Grouper fish has fine meat quality, delicious meat, less thorns and more meat. It has the effects of strengthening the body, replenishing blood and qi, and speeding up wound healing. The grouper soup has always been regarded as a nourishing treasure for those who have recovered from illness and are physically weak.


Fish Soup

1. The grouper is slaughtered, cleaned up, wiped dry, washed dangshen, yam, wolfberry, ginger, sliced ginger

Fish Soup recipe

2. Put oil in the wok, heat it up, add ginger and sauté fragrant, add the grouper, and fry until slightly yellow on both sides

Fish Soup recipe

3. Pour boiling water, add dangshen, yam, wolfberry, cook on medium heat until the fish is cooked, season with salt and serve

Fish Soup recipe

4. The soup is thick and white, the soup is delicious and rich in nutrition

Fish Soup recipe


For the soup to be thick and white and taste delicious, the fish must first be fried in a small amount until it is slightly yellow, then poured in boiling water and simmered slowly, and finally seasoned with salt.


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