Golden Soup Fish

Golden Soup Fish

by Heart-cooking kitchen

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Grouper has high nutritional value and is known as "the fish of beauty and skin care" and is one of the four famous fish in China.
The matching pumpkin is also an ingredient to nourish the skin and invigorate the spleen. It can be said to be a good choice for winter nourishing soup.
The pumpkin golden soup has an attractive yellow background and an overflowing aroma.
The meat of the grouper fillet is fresh and tender. Under the baptism of the golden soup, it has a burst of fragrance and an endless aftertaste.


Golden Soup Fish

1. The meat of grouper is marinated with salt, cornstarch, Huadiao wine and white pepper.

Golden Soup Fish recipe

2. The pumpkin is steamed and crushed for later use.

Golden Soup Fish recipe

3. Add water, green onions, and ginger to the fish bones.

Golden Soup Fish recipe

4. Pour the pureed pumpkin into the fish bone soup to make golden soup.

Golden Soup Fish recipe

5. The fish fillets are ripe in water and placed in the golden broth at the bottom of the tofu, garnished with mint leaves.

Golden Soup Fish recipe


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