Steamed Grouper

Steamed Grouper

by Two bear babies' dining table

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Steamed grouper made last night. This kind of dish is usually eaten at noon, but because the two bears and children went to the seafood market with me to choose this fish by themselves, they said that this fish is so cute and needs to be kept. Well, there is no other way but to raise it! In the middle of the afternoon, I finally thought of a good excuse to kill the fish. I was really tired.


Steamed Grouper

1. Prepare a grouper that weighs more than a pound

Steamed Grouper recipe

2. After slaughter, the gills of the fish are removed from the internal organs, and the fish body is cut obliquely on both sides for easy taste and cooked.

Steamed Grouper recipe

3. Sprinkle the body of the fish with salt, and stuff the ginger slices in the mouth and belly. Put two bamboo skewers and sliced ginger on the steaming dish.

Steamed Grouper recipe

4. Steam the fish in cold water for 20 minutes, turn off the heat and leave the lid on for about 2 minutes.

Steamed Grouper recipe

5. After boiling, move the steamed fish to the fish plate, save half of the fish juice and pour it into a bowl, and don't use the rest. Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and a little oyster sauce to the fish sauce. Stir evenly and pour over the fish. Sprinkle shreds of ginger on the fish. Put sesame oil in a pot to heat, and pour the hot oil onto the fish. The steamed grouper is ready to serve.

Steamed Grouper recipe


The taste of grouper is similar to that of turbot, with few spines and is nutritious and delicious, suitable for bear children.


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