Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish

by Gao Gao Xiaochu

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Fish, which one do you want? The braised aroma is overflowing, sweet and sour stimulates the appetite, and the steaming locks the original taste. Today, let’s steam it first.


Steamed Fish

1. Wash the fish, drain the water, add appropriate amount of shredded ginger and salt inside and outside, and marinate for about 15 minutes.

Steamed Fish recipe

2. Cut coriander and chives and set aside.

Steamed Fish recipe

3. Put the marinated fish in a basin, wrap it with a film, and poke some small holes in it with a toothpick.

Steamed Fish recipe

4. Steam the fish over water, depending on the size of the fish, about 5-10 minutes. After being out of the pot, transfer the fish to a plate and top with steamed fish tempeh. Wash the pot and heat it up, add an appropriate amount of cooking oil. When the oil is nine minutes hot, take out a part with a dry spoon and pour it on the fish. Finally, sprinkle the chopped parsley and chives on the fish, ready to eat.

Steamed Fish recipe


1. Wrap it with a film to prevent water from entering during the steaming process, so as to make the fish taste more mellow.
2. Poke some small holes in the film so that the fish can be steamed.


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