Flower Dumplings

Flower Dumplings

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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The Lantern Festival in Hunan is inseparable from glutinous rice balls. This year, my family’s glutinous rice balls are really beautiful, with various shapes and colors. Adults and children like them.


Flower Dumplings

1. To squeeze the pitaya peel, divide the glutinous rice flour into three parts, add powdered sugar, pitaya peel juice, and matcha powder, respectively, and knead into three colored doughs.

Flower Dumplings recipe

2. Take out about one third of the white glutinous rice flour and steam it

Flower Dumplings recipe

3. Add the steamed glutinous rice dough to the three colored doughs and knead them evenly

Flower Dumplings recipe

4. According to your own preference, form small round balls into a flower shape and place them on oil paper

Flower Dumplings recipe

5. Bring the water to a boil, put the glutinous rice ball embryos in and cook

Flower Dumplings recipe

6. Take it out and add some sugar to taste

Flower Dumplings recipe


1. Add icing sugar to the glutinous rice flour to make the glutinous rice balls taste better.
2. Put the prepared glutinous rice balls in various shapes on greased paper for easy movement.
3. When cooking, you can pay attention to it, handle it gently, don't turn it with a spatula, so as not to stir it up.


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