Fondant Cartoon Biscuits

Fondant Cartoon Biscuits

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#小小美食日记# Today is to make a cartoon cookie for the occasion of Liu Yi. I specially made a few fondant to make it look good! Children like these embossed biscuits very much, but they are much more troublesome to make than squeezing cookies. My child is one year old when he is dealing with baby bottles and complementary foods. I hope you will grow up soon!

The Shen Dumeng recipe that this recipe refers to says that lemon cookies actually don’t have lemons. I reduced the sugar a little bit. The amount of sugar in my recipe is generally acceptable.


Fondant Cartoon Biscuits

1. Add the white dry pez to the pigment to adjust it, roll it into a thin skin and press out various shapes for use

Fondant Cartoon Biscuits recipe

2. Press out some small flowers and decorate with pearl sugar for later use

Fondant Cartoon Biscuits recipe

3. Use a little dry Pescara mineral water to adjust and use it as a glue

Fondant Cartoon Biscuits recipe

4. Brush the fondant with sugar water and stick it on the biscuits

Fondant Cartoon Biscuits recipe

5. Prepared biscuits

Fondant Cartoon Biscuits recipe

6. The bag is packaged and it's done

Fondant Cartoon Biscuits recipe


Dry peas does not need to be covered with plastic wrap or it will dry in the air


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