Biscuit recipes

Jinsha Tangwan

Glutinous Rice Balls, Biscuit, Oil

Beef Noodle Soup

Beef Brisket, Rice Noodles, Biscuit

Little Duck Icing Cookies

Powdered Sugar, Biscuit, Warm Water

Potted Sour Plum Jelly

Sour Plum Soup, Yogurt, Biscuit

Biscuit Broken Angel Cake

Biscuit, Egg White, Caster Sugar

Fondant Cartoon Biscuits

Dry Pez, Pigment, Pearl Candy

Tangyuan with Chocolate Biscuit Stuffing

Glutinous Rice Flour, Chocolate, Biscuit

Beef Biscuits

Cotton Candy, Butter, Milk Powder

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies

Powdered Sugar, Biscuit, Cotton Candy

Biscuits with Sauce Powder

Biscuit, Salad Dressing, Ketchup

Brush Embroidered Biscuits

Biscuit, Low-gluten Flour, Baking Powder

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin, Glutinous Rice Flour, Sugar

Crispy Brushed Beef Biscuits

Biscuit, Cotton Candy, Milk Powder

Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Powder, Sweet Potato, Sticky Rice