Four-color Fruit Dumplings

Four-color Fruit Dumplings


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The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month. According to traditional Chinese folklore, besides watching lanterns and guessing lantern riddles, people also have a family reunion to eat the Lantern Festival.
Tangyuan is actually very simple to make. First, mix the flour with warm water to a semi-dry state, take a part of the dough about one-third, put it in the boiling water, blanch it, and knead only the remaining two-thirds of the dough. Knead the dough smoothly with natural glutinous rice flour. Now some water milled glutinous rice flour has been processed. If it is not stuffed, just heat water and mix it and knead it smoothly. This kind of glutinous rice balls are tougher and more suitable for filling. It tastes more elastic when eaten directly without filling.
This time I made glutinous rice balls and made four flavors in four colors, namely original flavor, matcha flavor, purple sweet potato flavor and carrot flavor. There is no filling, but the taste is very chewy, with proper fruits added, it is very refreshing.
Remember to eat glutinous rice balls during the Lantern Festival. After eating glutinous rice balls, your family will be reunited for a year, sweet and sweet!


Four-color Fruit Dumplings

1. First take a portion of glutinous rice flour and add a small amount of warm water, use chopsticks to stir it into a flocculent shape and then knead it into a dough.

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

2. Boil a small pot of boiling water, take a quarter of the dough and let it boil in water to cook, about half a minute.

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

3. Boil the glutinous rice ball and knead it into the remaining dough until the dough is smooth and has a natural luster.

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

4. In the same way, add purple sweet potato flour to each portion of glutinous rice flour,

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

5. Make colored dough.

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

6. Roll the dough into long strips and cut into the size you like.

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

7. Rounding

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

8. Boil water in a pot, add glutinous rice balls, and cook until they float.

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

9. Cut the fruit before making the glutinous rice balls,

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe

10. Add hot water to the bowl and mix with honey. You can also add condensed milk. Add fruits and cooked glutinous rice balls. A bowl of sweet, fruity glutinous rice balls is ready.

Four-color Fruit Dumplings recipe


1. When starting to add warm water to glutinous rice flour, remember not to put too much water. It is advisable to have a small amount of dry powder at the bottom and knead it into a semi-dry state. If the dough is dry, it can be adjusted by following operations.
2. The glutinous rice balls must be cooked and eaten right now, they will overflow if they are cooked well. If you don’t want to eat the cooked glutinous rice balls, you can sprinkle some glutinous rice flour in the refrigerator and cook as you eat, but it is also recommended to eat them as soon as possible.


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