Fried Eggs on Whole Wheat Toast

Fried Eggs on Whole Wheat Toast

by Love to eat buns

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Inside the room, there was a faint scent of ham, toast, pure burnt orange and yellow solidified eggs, feeling healed.


Fried Eggs on Whole Wheat Toast

1. Take a piece of toast with a width of about one centimeter around it and empty it

2. Heat the pan on high heat and brush a layer of oil. Don’t get too much oil.

3. Change the small fire (I use the small flame at the center of the gas) and put it in the toast ring, and put eggs in the ring. Don't move in a hurry. You will find that the egg is slowly solidifying and the yolk will solidify a little after a few minutes. At this time, use a spatula to gently turn it over. At the same time, you can use the free space in the pot to heat another slice of toast, the cut toast cube, and two slices of ham. After turning it over, use a spatula to test the surface layer of the egg liquid to solidify and it will come out of the pot.

4. The last is Meimeida, why use two slices of toast? One is because you are hungry. The second is that the eggs are fluid. How safe it is to sandwich the fried eggs with another whole piece and small cubes!


You must use a small fire, the food is not in a hurry.


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