Quick Sandwich

Quick Sandwich

by Outstanding 1987

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This sandwich is the simplest and quickest food, and it tastes great!


Quick Sandwich

1. Prepare the ingredients!

Quick Sandwich recipe

2. Wash the lettuce clean and absorb the water with paper, otherwise it will easily soak the toast and affect the taste.

Quick Sandwich recipe

3. Put oil in the pan, beat in the eggs, sprinkle a bit of salt, and fry out the omelette.

Quick Sandwich recipe

4. Put lettuce on the bread.

Quick Sandwich recipe

5. Put the eggs on.

Quick Sandwich recipe

6. Squeeze in the salad dressing and increase it as you like.

Quick Sandwich recipe

7. Cover with another slice of toast.

Quick Sandwich recipe

8. Cut it diagonally.

Quick Sandwich recipe

9. A simple sandwich with rice cereal, a good meal.

Quick Sandwich recipe


Because you want to take it out for eating, it is best not to put juicy tomatoes or other vegetables with more moisture, so as not to soak the bread and affect the taste.


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