Strawberry Cheese Sandwich

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich

by Wanshanhong

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Today’s open sandwich is super simple. The cheese is filtered with plain yogurt made by yourself, without sugar. In order to bring a good mood for breakfast, the strawberries are placed in the shape of butterflies, two in the flowers. The butterfly, does it remind you of that song: My dear, you fly slowly...! Well, the good mood for afternoon tea starts with this open sandwich with two butterflies


Strawberry Cheese Sandwich

1. Slice whole wheat toast, wash and dry the surface moisture with strawberries, or absorb the surface moisture with a red cloth

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

2. Homemade plain yogurt, the yogurt filter cloth should be boiled and disinfected

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

3. Pour the yogurt on the cloth

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

4. Next, get a higher container to pick up the whey, put the cloth stick on the chopsticks, and put it on top

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

5. Leave it in this way for about an hour, the whey will be filtered out

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

6. Filtered yogurt cheese, this cheese is very nutritious and has an excellent calcium supplement effect

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

7. Spread the cheese on toast slices

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

8. Apply evenly to the entire face

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

9. Strawberry slices, put in the shape of a butterfly according to the picture, must be made of cucumber peel

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe

10. Put the sliced strawberries on the cheese like a butterfly. You can also make some small flowers, insects and other embellishments. I got a little passion fruit seeds and dropped a few randomly on top. You can also put strawberries on top. Cut into flowers and put them on, does it feel like butterflies flying in the flowers?

Strawberry Cheese Sandwich recipe


I use the original yogurt without sugar. If you like sweetness, you can add sugar to the filtered yogurt to taste


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