Fried Oyster

Fried Oyster

by Mercury girl

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Oyster fried (pronounced ô-ā-jiān, translated as "sea oyster fried" in Mandarin, or ke zai jian),
Originating in Quanzhou (Southern Fujian), it is a classic Han snack in southern Fujian, Taiwan, Chaoshan and other places.
The origin is the alternative food invented by people in coastal areas when they can't get enough to eat, and it is a symbol of poor life.
Oyster fried is rumored to be such a creative cuisine invented in a poor society.
(From Baidu Encyclopedia)

If I don’t check the Internet, I really don’t know that such a famous snack actually originated to fill the stomach.
Speaking of Taiwanese night market snacks, oyster fried is definitely number one.
Fresh oysters, vegetables, and eggs are integrated under the thickening effect of cornstarch.
Served with Shanghai Mountain Sauce for a bite, the texture of the soft Q bomb makes people want to take a few more bites!
You don’t have to go to Taiwan to eat authentic night market snacks.
You can make delicious oyster fry in your own kitchen~


Fried Oyster

1. Prepare the ingredients, smear cooking oil in the pot, and heat up over medium and small heat

2. Place the oysters evenly, and then pour the cornstarch liquid that dissolves evenly in water

3. After the color becomes transparent, hit an egg and rub it with chopsticks.

Fried Oyster recipe

4. Then evenly lay out the chopped cabbage

5. Then use a spatula to gently pick up the surrounding batter, if it is solidified, the whole reverse side can be used.

6. After frying for 1-2 minutes, it will be out of the pot. It is the most authentic with seamount sauce or sweet chili sauce.

Fried Oyster recipe


1. If it is found that it cannot be solidified and it is difficult to turn over, it is estimated that there is less white powder, or the frying time needs to be longer;
2. In addition, apply some oil on the sides when turning quickly, it is easier to pick up the batter and turn it over;
3. You can replace the raw oysters with shrimps according to your preference, then it will be fried with shrimps; the cabbage can also be replaced with garland chrysanthemums and the like;
4. When eating, put enough seamount sauce to taste authentic!


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