Pork Risotto

Pork Risotto

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The tender meat and potatoes and cabbage are very delicious, healthy and nutritious.


Pork Risotto

1. Wash and chop cabbage, and cut potatoes into cubes

Pork Risotto recipe

2. Chop pork into meat, mince green onion

Pork Risotto recipe

3. Pour oil into the pot, stir the minced meat, pour in chopped green onion and ginger, stir fry to change color

Pork Risotto recipe

4. Pour in the cabbage and sauté the water in the cabbage

Pork Risotto recipe

5. Add potatoes and stir fry

Pork Risotto recipe

6. Put two tablespoons of braised sauce, one tablespoon consumes oil and continue to stir fry

Pork Risotto recipe

7. Pour the rice into the rice cooker

Pork Risotto recipe

8. Pour the freshly fried vegetables into the rice cooker, add water just to cover the rice

Pork Risotto recipe

9. Normal Braised Rice

Pork Risotto recipe


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